January 26, 2009

Happy Republic Day!

Thought this would be an appropriate post today:


viji said...

Hi Ramya,

Thanks for the article.Not that I am in a position where i would take a immediate decision but all the same its a good one to think about.

I like the humour and easy approach that you have to life.

have a nice day

Anonymous said...

R2I is a fav topic in any conversation.

Happy Republic day!

Sajni said...

Hey! Ramya,

How are you? Out of the blue. You have quite a writers streak out there. Happened to read your ice-cream and suitcase story.

Do you have a little wonder? My regards to Kamal.

Take care

The Doodler said...

While reading the article, there were places when I felt like I was the one expressing my thoughts out loud -- not Shobha Narayan.

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