June 10, 2008

Page 123.

In response to IBH's book tag: "The tag is about the book that you are currently reading, turn to page 123, count till line 5 and write down the lines after that!"

"And then it was fall, and he had enrolled in Harvard. She had chosen Middlebury. He'd made himself give it up then, accept her silence as punishment"

From: The last time they met by Anita Shreve.

Have been meaning to pick up one of her novels for long, this one's kind of super intense though, without a break, which kind of tires me out, if you know what I mean.


IBH said...

seriously I need to put mthis bookie thing that you have on your blog and just point it to ur blog :) will get to know many new books..i dont read that much and even if i read then i end up reading the known ones! :)

RS said...

Hey! I just picked up Jhumpa Lahiri's "An unaccustomed earth" - am all excited to read it!

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