April 10, 2008

Spring's in the air!

Spring is finally here and lex is a beautiful princess in white again! For once, we (k, ~p and I) captured the white flowers on lens, while they bloomed for less than a week before turning a bright green! But fabulous weather has had a strange effect on dear husband. Normally, he is a bit weird. The good weather added a good dose to that normal bit. He manifested that in many ways.

Yesterday, we drove to work; it seemed like a normal day which means we were in the middle of waking up from zombie state as we parked at our office parking lot. That's when k realized that he had forgotten his shoes again (he did that, if am not mistaken, spring last year too). Sounds bizarre but it won't sound quite so bizarre if you a part of our chaotic morning routine.

I swear I will never be one of those people who wake up with a spring in their step, brush their teeth with a manic enthusiasm and sit down to a leisurely coffee and breakfast at 6.30 in the morning and then still in the same zen-like state proceed to drive to work while listening to calming melodies on FM. Anyway, to save those precious few seconds in the morning, k drives bare-feet (or on better days, sock-feet) to work and then wears his shoes at our office parking lot after finishing his coffee (i,e whatever remains of it, the rest would have poured all around our nice coffee holder in the car, but no problem they dry and form a neat bed for the next day's caffeine fix!).

Anyway, yesterday he had forgotten his good socks and his shoes. So at the parking lot, he looks at his bare feet with a confused look and asks me where his shoes are. I did what every responsible wife does in these situations. I laughed and waved a cheerful goodbye to him. So anyway, that's how he spent an otherwise uneventful day at work without his shoes and socks.

Today was another story. The weather was nice and balmy today and k decided to be really brave. He had a dentist appointment today morning at 9. "Just drop me there and I can walk back home!" So, I dropped him at the dental clinic and drove to work and around an hour later, I get a call from a number I don't recognize.

"Hi, it's me. I am locked out of the house and I don't have my cell phone. So, thought I' you."

So, I did the responsible wife thing again. I laughed.

Anyway, eventually I did drive back home, gave my husband his morning cup of coffee, which he had forgotten inside the house before we left to the dentist.

I suspect good weather tomorrow too. It's going to be one entertaining spring season.


Parth said...

We had the unfortunate presence of snow in spring, thus breaking branches of the cherry blossom tree in our front yard. Global warming does have its side effects.

Red Phoenix said...

=)) Can't imagine what else K uses to entertain u with. As Vivek says, "Officea paathadhum purusana kalatti vittutiye.. Neeyellam oru manaiviya?" :P
For his next birthday gift him a pair of shoes and socks and keep it in the trunk in all occasions. Cell phone - Like the bib children are pinned with to rub their Jollu, pin a phone to his shirt ;)

IBH said...

very nice pics rs....sometimes these things make me miss US :)

Anonymous said...

Ah! This season! One can almost feel the 'spring' in one's 'feet' -umm..almost!

P B said...

sema funny. semaya sirichen.

RS said...

parth - :( We planted this red bud tree a year back and it got all sad and died. We are still hoping it will recover...

red~p - :p

ibh - :) Don't get me started on what I miss out there!

guy - lol

pb - :)

prabukarthik said...

i guess K neeed not update his blog. adhaan ellam ingey roadcast arathey.

nice pics.

The flowers are whiter in real than in the photograph?

Priyamvada_K said...

Laurel flowers - wow!! Seeing them after a LONG time. Moved south from the midwest - and laurels used to be the best part of midwestern springs.

Thanks for the pics,

RS said...

p~k - :) That's correct. I had loaded color film and set my camera in b&w mode, hence the tint.

priya - Thanks :) I thought these were cherry blossoms of some sort, no?

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