April 10, 2007

Similarly crazy!

You know the moment when you know you have connected with someone? That moment changes everything. You go from listening to empathizing. It can happen in the middle of a conversation or out of the blue and you have the "Aha" moment, the moment when you know exactly what the other person is talking about. I can never truly understand what you feel because I am intimately familiar with my thoughts, I hear them in my head and I know exactly how I feel. But, when you talk, I hear the words, translate them in my head and try to make sense of them. Sometimes, I don't do such a good job of translating them and they don't make sense to me (courtesy - Stumbling on happiness). But in spite of being two different people, there are moments such as these when we almost think as one. I call it, being "similarly crazy". Because at some level, we all are crazy but being crazy together? That experience is something special.

Philosophy aside, I managed two stories in a row! Some wise person once said (Was it me? I can't remember but it always sounds authentic when you begin a sentence with "Some wise person once said..." :p ) "If you want to do a better job of writing, do it everyday. Write. Write. Write. It may sound like gibberish to you initially, but it gets better." So, that's what I do. Gibberish or not. I write because I have to. And I want to.

I titled my short story, "Rayin Snegam" (Rayil = train, Snegam = love, affection, friendship...). I couldn't find an equivalent in English. I began the story with an intent to try something different - use many short sentences instead of awkwardly long sentences. But half-way through, I forgot all about the short sentences and followed where the story took me, a mish-mash of thoughts from the books I have been reading recently (Stumbling on... and Maximum city), the ever-present nostalgia that all NRIs deal with and how life changes in a moment - the regular stuff :p


Parth said...

Oh ya, I know what you mean. There's another form of connection. When you and someone else realises at the same time that a third person in the room is making a complete ass of himself :-)

RS said...

Ah, I know exactly what you mean :)

Zeppelin said...

so totally true.. :)

@ parth - absolutely know what you mean.. :)

sb said...

padichutten. :-) I thought the storyteller had a major inspiration from "The Namesake" correct me if I am wrong. :-)

RS said...

arun - hey! Almost missed the last 2 comments here, arun, un blog padichen, about carnatic music and fundoo math stuff - onnnume purila :(

sb - After writing, I wondered if I had unconsciously based it on the know what they say? When you write, you imitate your favorite authors and sometimes you don't even know it.

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