March 18, 2007

Personal finance!

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Found this in Anupama's visual DNA :)

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Now, there's a title you would not see again on my blog posts :)

So, my (comparatively) financially-aware husband decided to start a small investment club here, a pretty informal weekly gathering where we brainstorm financial ideas, discuss strategies to become rich in a few weeks and regularly implement ideas to save money and the world at large. I wish! Anyway, we do manage to meet as regularly as possible (movies, icecreams and napping have higher priority, of course) and discuss personal finance and related topics. k updates his blog (yes, it has been revived from it's semicomatose state and is now trying to hobble back to life, please provide incentives to revive said space :p).

So, inspired by his blog valiantly fighting for life, I also decided to revive the financially side of my peaceful brain (which has been largely dormant, one could also use adjectives such as doltish, get the point) and
voilà! we have a presentation!

Also, I made this nice pie chart with our controllable expenses divided into nice wedges, spent a good one hour on it, didn't want to miss a chance to brag although I did have to remove the chart out of the presentation because this is on the big, bad www....shudder!

Back to comfortable dormancy. S'long.


Saranya Kishore said...


It would help if you also gave a gist of what you talked about for each slide. :--))

The info here and on Kamal's page is helpful I should say. Thanks.

RS said...

Hey Saranya, I have tried to include online sources in some of the slides, look for the small blue link at the bottom of the slides, that say "Reference" or "Source". Mostly all the info is from the web, try googling key words "Like value circle", "latte factor" :)

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