June 19, 2006

Clues, Plays and Such.

Had fun making up clues for K’s birthday-gifts-treasure-hunt. It’s almost a kind of tradition now with us, where I make up these weird, complicated, sometimes downright silly clues for him to go hunting for birthday gifts.

Last year, I recall he had quite a day of fun solving clues. This year was even better (for me ;) I was initially disappointed when he solved the first few clues in a flash (I didn’t realize he would guess the Da Vinci mirror trick so soon).

But, I had my revenge especially with the LEET clue, here goes the clue for those of you who would like to get tortured too:

\-/37 4|\|()7[-]312 8eye127[-]|)4\-/ 61ph7 4VVaeye75 @ |)4|\|\/11_1_3 - ^^\-/ $1$7312 31_1_3|\|

Hint: I’ll give you the first word: \-/37 is YET. It’s all about pattern recognition, symbols and a solid imagination (ever played joining the dots as a kid?)

I finally finished obsessing over the scrap book that I was making for his birthday and gave it to him. He made all the appropriate gestures to indicate his pleasure at receiving it (I don't really know if guys dig scrapbooks and stuff like that!). And this time my cake came out not-so-sad-looking! Thanks to egg substitute and the right amounts of ingredients (you wise people were right in warning me not to mess with the Science of Cake Baking :).

Anyway, if you live around the Lexington area :), you should check out the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville, Kentucky (where else? :). It's a quaint indoor/outdoor play house and I have watched a couple of plays there (under the stars, just as advertised in the brochure) and they have been nice old-fashioned comedies or dramas. We went this Saturday to watch "My Sister Eileen" and it was fun! K and I were probably the youngest members of the audience (if you don't count the few kids that managed to laugh louder than K)!

Which reminds me, The Lexington Shakespeare Festival is coming up soon. Be there or be square or whatever geometric shape that doesn't appeal to you :p

So be back with more stories from:


Gosh! I hope I took all my forms and remember all their names!


kamal said...

Do I get another gift for solving the LEET clue again?

I had a lot of fun on my Birthday :) Thank you, for a great day!! (yeah yeah .. i know the expression on your face) .. btw, I did dig my twenties ;) .. This is the last of it .. lets go sailing, biking ! :)

subramoni said...


subramoni said...

forgot awaits.

RS said...

kamal - too many thoughts :) Man, you are becoming me :) (sounds like a song I know!)

subramoni - Yup, good job :)

RS said...

One small correcttion: not night, 61ph7 is gift.

Hellboy said...

belated birthday wishes K. The gift better be a BMW for him solving this freakish clue :) In an interview Dan Brown said that his parents used to place clues under the Chritsmas tree instead of giving the gifts right away.

my final say on this whole treasure hunting would be the topic of your previous post (given a clue to my level :)

subramoni said...

oh yes, how did I mess that up? Anyway, I think I will hire you for my next b'day to develop a treasure hunt. Gifts and other accessories will be provided. :P

RT said...

Kamal, belated birthday wishes...
@RS - i think i shd show the post to S~ to show how difficult clues can actually get. Atleast then he will understand he did not get very difficult clues for his b'day this time...

Did kamal, actually have a computer for finding clues???

Gayatri said...

Ramya - I should get a 61ph7

I did it in 4 mins flat :)

"yet another birthday gift awaits at Danville - My sister Ellen :)

you shd make up clues for my bday too ;) make a profession out of it :D

Vinesh said...

Very interesting idea! :-)

Gayatri said...

I think you chose a very good place to go :)
Bring back million stories :)

Kumari said...

I couldn't solve any clues. Which explains why I just hid the gifts in places The Mr wouldn't look and then forced him to hunt themdown :p Plus the fact that his obsevation skills are nil, helped a lot :)

Btw, you are tagged :)

RS said...

hellboy - I solved your clue :p

subbu - sure thing :)

rt - nope, no google help allowed :)

gg - sure, plan to write about some funny incidents at Vancouver and Seattle :)

vinesh - thanks :)

kumari - :) I answered your tag, aren't I sweet? :)

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