February 20, 2012


So the days when r~ decides to skip her nap and go to sleep early (weekends), it's like we earned ourselves a few hours in which to relax and do nothing. Time to myself. Read a book, eat ice-cream, watch a movie, do nothing. But, usually these two me-time hours turn out to be more stressful for me than not having them because all the time I spend doing something in those 2 hours, I constantly tell myself, it's my precious me-time and I better make the best use of it! And then, I think of all the other things I can be doing in these hours and that list of course is endless eventually making me more stressed than if I just went to bed and slept with r~.

As soon as I hear her little snores, my thought process is something like this:

Check time. 8.15. Good. Lots of time to do stuff.
What first?
3 books am in the middle of...haven't  blogged in ages...that JavaScript article that I have been meaning to listen to...oh! New episode of BigBangTheory...clean house...
Feel a bit rushed. I reach out to my computer without having decided what to do.
Land on fb and twitter.
9.45?! How did this happen?
Hurriedly reach out to book and flip pages without focusing.
15 minutes later, remember something to buy from Amazon.
Back on the computer.
Blog done.
11.30? Have to sleep early, work tomorrow.
Recheck twitter account. Also linkedIn and pinterest.
12.00 -- thinking I will be so annoyed tomorrow with less sleep.
Stress about books not read and remaining blogs left undone.
House same mess as found 2 hours earlier.

Next time, I can do without these 2 hours. And come to think of it, without the internet!

Got to do yoga. One more item to add to my me-time list. Great.

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