June 09, 2011


I like to celebrate occassions with cakes and I like checking out bakeries in Lex to figure out which one would work for what I have in mind :) So far, I have tried Brown's bakery, Maggie's bakery, Spalding's bakery, Graeter's and this time I am going to try Mondelli's bakery for k's birthday cake.

Finally managed to organize my highly disorganized photos on my laptop (which will be going away soon, since I quit. Can't stop grinning when I say that :) k helped me do it after I spent half an hour looking for the Avvaiyar paati photo (below)! Anyway, here is a trip down cake-memorylane:

k got this for me from Caramanda's
My favorite cake from Spalding's bakery for r's 2nd birthday (Avvaiyar paati)!
From Graeter's -- icecream cake
Mackenzie's bakery Chennai -- also for r's 2nd birthday!
Old Taj Mahal hotel -- you guessed it -- also for r's 2nd birthday
Home made by me for k's birthday!
Another special cake for r's first birthday!


Some of us speak in cliches. Some of us love. said...

Hey Ramya! Good to have found you here :) Lovely blog!

RS said...


Anonymous said...

did not see a Dora pic or a dogs & cats... how come?

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RS said...

Anon -- she is not that into Dora yet :)

anon2 -- Umm. -- "Lexington is continually ranked in the top cities in the United States with regards to quality of life and education."

Sedentary but Safe & Smart :)

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