February 03, 2010

This strange thing called love

I've been in the mood for poetry for some time now. So, until I get it out of my system, you will be subjected to saccharine doses of it here :)

This strange thing we call love
Of roses and stars and little white doves;
Painted black and white and everything in between
Every hue that colors the dreams of sweet sixteen;

When fluttering lashes and eyes that beguile
meet thudding hearts and bashful smiles,
Unbidden flow,
my hidden tears and lyrical words,
withering in your stormy moods;

Each speak a tale that is its very own,
Etched eternal in hearts that are sworn
to the magic, the mystery, the miracle of the moment!

Look closely and you will find,
buried in the stones, perhaps left far behind;
A lonely sea shell, opening its heart to you
Singing sweet songs just for you!


Doli said...

so beautiful! i like the sentiments expressed esp the seashell opening bit :)

Phani Yarlagadda said...

A beautiful poem.. Who wrote this is it you ??

RS said...

Doli - Thanks :)
Phani - Thankssss...yes, me :)

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