October 27, 2009

Indulging in trivialities.

Ok head overload. Got to download before head swells to comical size with trivial crap. When in doubt, make a list and so here goes:

* I can't remember where I kept Bridget Jones diary. I probably will pay $1k in fine to my beloved library before I admit that it is indeed lost.

* Keep reading 1 yr olds are supposed to be angels that listen to parents all the time to please, unlike unbearable 2 yr olds. So wrong. They do as they please just like any other human being.

* Have 5 and a 1/2 magazines to finish and 3 novels to read (plus one book I bought off amazon -- You are here by Meenakshi Madhavan) and this includes Bridget Jones Diary which I can't finish 'coz it's AWOL :(

* Can't remember the Chinese (or was it Japanese) way of typing smilies was it * |* or something like that? I must be developing some late postpartum amnesia of some sort.

* Can't decide ending for imaginary novel in head. Should she decide which guy she will choose? Or leave it ambiguous in the belief that reader is smarter than self and will decide a neat ending?

* No ribald jokes or sensuous scenes in novel 'coz self prude. There goes half the readership! What now? I have one and a half reader left?

* In fact reading a novel that I wrote. Ok, Anita Nair wrote it but so much ego boost and inspiration to convince self that novel written by RS. Oooh. Totally loving it so far (The Mistress in case said reader and 1/2 curious.)

* I am too chicken to be SAHM. If you don't know that acronym, don't bother.

* Have always fancied wearing designer glasses and strutting about like high-power career woman or ultra-cool mom but eye doc although super nice and shared stories about high school said eye sight normal.

* I liked heroines in movies. All of them. Lately, I have disliked a few. I must be developing some weird behavioral disorder due to extended lack of sleep.

* Can't believe the only musical I went to in Lex featured a huge red monster singing "The wheels on the bus..."

* Not that bad. I watched quite a few neat plays at Danville. Waiting to take r~...

Ok enough. Head in decent shape now. Singing off to drink more water to reduce weight. Oh...

* Must remember to drink water like normal human beings so can go back to 110 lbs. Mind over matter. If mind can move spoon in that Tom Cruise movie (Amnesia prevents movie name recall) then mind and water can help shed extra 15 lbs.

* Also faith can move mountains and such inspiring thoughts.

Ok gotta go. Artificial thirst in progress.


Anonymous said...

#2My daughter just turned 2 and it is true!!(rhyming unintentional):)

#4She should decide which guy she'll choose, sometimes the reader is not smart (like self):)

SAHM-Stay at home mom? still battling it out within myself

Don't know if it makes you feel any better or worse, my daughter still doesn't sleep thru at night and she is 2. oh and hoping for miracles to happen

RS said...

anon - #4 -- gotcha!, don't tell me I have to wait a year plus for my beauty 9 hrs zzz...just the thought is gonna make me reduce :p

Anonymous said...

2 years old are known as terrible twos.

Parth said...

Let me know how that Meenakshi Madhavan book goes. I heard her on NPR, yes NPR, yesterday, and it hasn't prompted me to change my opinion of her, prompty noted in some rant in some old blog post of mine.

Jessica said...

^_^ I also like this one: @_@

I still haven't had a chance to read your book! My mom was here and she read it and enjoyed it.

RS said...

Parth -- :) Will let you know soon as I finish it!

Jessica -- Super! Read it, read it and tell me what you thought of it :)

Amrutha Ragavan said...

you are only 125 lbs!!?? I envy you..

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