June 18, 2009

k-yum cable-um (k and the cable)!

Pulled off some neat stuff for k's birthday! Here's a sneak preview of a skit we arranged with clues pointing to a few of k's gifts! More posts with more details. For now, enjoy the show! Actors: - s~, s~ & b~ :) Looks like acting runs in the family! Oh...and can you guess the gifts -- each video has a clue pointing to a gift and all four gifts belong to the same family ;)

Please double-click the video links below. I have withheld embedding permissions.


Anonymous said...

none of the video's seem to work.. unless I did something wrong... which one is you, though?

RS said...

Hey! Try double clicking the videos, so they launch in a new page to play. That should work. I am the eyes behind the lens ;)...also part director, part idea manager, part script writer ;)

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! ROTFL

VeeKay said...

The one who played the granny is fit perfect 2 be a granny.

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