March 10, 2009

Nothing in particular

Love the curtain and the shadow dancing in the breeze today

Today has got to be the most amazing day since well, since the last amazing day there was. The weather is perfect. There is a nice breeze airing out the house. I am home. Lil' r~ is sleeping. k is working. Life is as it should be. Nice.

The day is nice enough to actually make my mind think thoughts in singles and they are gently floating instead of racing past as they usually do. I am reading this tome about the thyroid hormone and it suggests zen stuff like yoga, tai-chi, meditation and the like to calm the thyroid-stressed mind. Hmm...tai-chi -- now, there' s something I never thought I would be trying. Any of you know of good tai chi centers or have any preferences about these zen-style classes? Tell me, tell me. I am all ears and ready to de-stress. Apparently, stress is the cause of all diseases in this universe. Now they tell me, when I am thirty years old! So, I infer that some life-style changes are in order. Everything originates in this boggling, indecipherable, capricious mind of ours and so I believe I should give it a full spa-style treatment to see if I can get it to behave and hence all the aah-smell-the-flowers kind of talk.

By the way, are you many of you out there or just one that visits my blog but doesn't leave a comment? I am always thrilled by all(one?) of you. I think people are being nice to me most of the time. They say things like, "Oh! I read your blog all the time. I just haven't left a comment." I wonder why. I think it's because I write about nothing in particular most of the time. In any case, this little note is for all those people or you. Thanks for passing by and nodding a silent hi.

Coming back to my zen life, I can finally say I had this cool postnatal massage. It wasn't am-aaa-zing as some women would coo. It was good. My muscles got a work out and the delicate masseuse (who happens to be the same age as me) and I had a pretty interesting chat including all the hippie topics that am passionate about - vaccines, elimination communication, going back for good and related baby talk. k was like, "Jeez! I sent you there to relax, not chit chat some more!" Whatever. I would highly recommend the massage at baby moon, including the conversation!

Meanwhile, here is a silly ditty inspired by li'l r~

We rock, we walk, we talk
And yet you balk,
at the prospect of going to sleep;
For now, the secret to your sleep
is all yours to keep!

We try in vain,
for insights to gain
about babies and sleep;

you cry, you sigh,
you resist, you protest,
you play, but to sleep, you say, "Nay!";

And we rock, we walk, we talk...
Perhaps, one sweet day,
you will snore away
and dream sweet baby-dreams,
while maybe, just maybe,
mom sleeps like a baby!


P B said...

I read your blog and leaving a comment too!

Musically Me said...

I am one of those silent types that has been following this blog and nodding silently for quite some time. Just wanted to say hello to let you know that there are indeed people like me... as you mentioned...

why do I read your blog?... because I like your writing style...

Why dont I comment?
On the things I agree with you there is nothing much to say..other than nod I guess... if there are things I dont agree.. I tell myself that it is indeed your blog and you are entitled to write what you think...or this might be a sophisticated and fancy justification to my laziness...

Hope you dont mind my non-comments

Anyway... looking forward to silently following your blog...

Anonymous said...

I usually read your blog at work (and Kamal's too!!!. Eventhough it's been a while since that's been updated). That's the reason I don't comment.


Anonymous said...

I am a regular reader of your blog, I feel a little annoyed when you do not update it regularly :)

I do not comment very often, unless there is something I would like to share , similar to a conversation :).

Most of the times, I enjoy your posts and smile to myself, enjoying your style and the way you share your thoughts and life experiences :)

Oh, I enjoy your "Yummy" blog too. I have tried some of the receipes you have mentioned, there :)

Say a big hello to your friend from Tiruchi who introduced me to the Mosakutti :))

Happy Blogging!!!

IBH said...

me too ! me too! i love reading ur blogs...ALL your blogs :)

Anonymous said...

Hi!loved the small 'poem' you have written, inspired by baby Radhika! Din't know about tai chi though; but iam sure, its rejuvinating if you have a body massage, stressed or not stressed. Btw, your posts have been ransacked, copied & published; still you want some acknowledgement from prospective readers!!.

Payal said...

Yeah Ramya..i am one of them who enjoys reading what you write but do not leave a comment :)

a said...

I do read your blog and might have commented too occasionally - keep blogging :)

Anonymous said...

hey...u can try out tai chi...i am myself going to pilates and tai chi recently...i started this becoz i got low back pain (the whole of pregnancy time i did not have and suddenly when kaju was 8 months it started). After going to the classes, i am not getting it anymore. touchwood.


Vidhya said...

Hi Ramya,

I loved the sarcasm in the last line of the poem " mom sleeps like a baby" :)
I have an 18 month old who still resists sleeping, but its not as bad as when she was still younger.
So i can relate to what you must be facing.
And you having thyroid problem? I too started having hypothyroidism from pregnancy and still continues :(

Parth said...

Good luck with your baby complying. They toy with us, I tell you!

DR said...

Hi Ramya! I check your blog on a regular basis (read almost daily!) and I get very disappointed when you don't update it frequently :( Your blog kinda keeps me in touch with you folks, Lex and good old UK :)

Keep writing and I promise that I'll continue to nod :D

RS said...

PB - Umm...ok. Thanks? :)

MM - I love your non-comments :)

Prem - Kamal's blog...I bet blogger will auto-expire it shortly :p

Anon - I updated the cooking blog....after ages! Thanks!

IBH - Yay!

Anon, Payal, a - :)

RT - I couldn't find out one that started started yoga. Let me know how it goes.

Vidhya - Hope it goes away soon...let me know if you have some sleep tricks in your bag :)

Parth - Really!

DR - Glad!

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