December 15, 2008

Being a parent.

If you are one of those people that wondered what it feels like to be newbie parents and what the big deal is about, you are reading the right stuff now :p Or, if you are just being nice to me and reading my post just for the heck of it, that's cool too :)

Remember how we used to consider couples with kids a whole different set of people? People with hefty bags filled with diapers and related paraphernalia, people that were concerned more about their baby's spit-ups rather than their appearance, people that could not talk about anything other than their baby, people with a somewhat needy little one clawing for their attention constantly? We were not them. We even found it hard to imagine how life would be when we became them. Some of us even wondered what "unconditional love" meant. We heard words like sleepless, poop, diapers, doctors and wondered how we would ever inhabit a world filled with those words...

And guess what? Suddenly we are very much in that world. We are now parents that, no matter how interesting a conversation with someone is, always have one eye tracking our baby, we hardly give a second thought to what "poop" used to mean in our older worlds, focusing rather on its texture, smell and contents to smile or frown with concern, we talk less about "I" and more about the baby, we learn that absolute happiness has to do with a lot more than just some "me-time" and we worry. We worry all the time about the little life that we created and hope that it smiles back at us with that adorable, charming, heart-melting, lopsided grin today, tomorrow and forever...

We are now the parents.


SK said...

Hey I see The Goal in your Selfari. Its one of the best books I have read. You liking it? i was infact excited to see it there :--)

Btw, me and husband are still in the couples phase, cant imagine being parents yet. Reading this made me feel like we can manage after all. When teh time comes I guess everyone manages to cross the bridge just fine :--)

IBH said...

ah! the bliss of being the first time parent and that too newbie! :) wait till they roll over!

*sigh*! i love babies who were immobile...glare from the rokcer and nothing else!..:)

RS said...

sk - Yup, that's exactly how I feel now...when the time comes, we all get the courage to go though it :)

IBH - Really?! And here I am waiting for radhu to talk to me and say something other than "Ah goo" :)

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