October 22, 2008

Passions, Obsessions, Madnesses

Italics rock. They add quite a bit of character even to an unremarkable statement like the one below. You can safely begin these statements with "A wise person once said..." even if you just made it up impromptu:

If you dig deep enough, you will find a bit of madness in everyone, a Don Quixote living a hidden life.

Or at least my life seems like that and while I would like to be distinct enough from everyone else (no two people are alike and all that), I probably wouldn't want to stand out too much (nuttu kayanda case :) and so I attribute bits of my trait to the people around. Keeps me from wondering if am a little mad sometimes :p

k often declares (given the chance) that I jump from one obsession to another. He tells me the way he handles my "phases" are to just let me ride it out, be super passionate about something so much so that it borders on obsession and then slowly I'll get over it until the next bright thing catches my eye :p

Books, movies, people, events - they all are a part of my curiosity, passion, obsession - me:

- Like the time I watched DDLJ 7 times and dreamed about the movie. My dad worried, especially since SRK at that time acted in a bunch of psycho-movies - Baazigar, Darr, Anjam! Recently I was totally ga-ga over "Happy Days" and dived into nostalgia for more than a week!

- My obsession ("Iron will" sounds so much better :p) to join Bits when I was in eleventh grade

- My more common book-madnesses - Recently, HP, Shopaholic series, the Twilight series...

- People obsessions - this is less of an obsession than just a large amount of time and effort spent focusing on a person and "relating" to them. This kind of peaks when the relationship is still relatively new and then ebbs down to a constant. k terms this the "feelings network". He is all about being the nonchalant observer and making up theories to explain them :p

- Idea/Action obsessions - Going organic/natural/non-toxic, vaccines pros and cons, Bharatanatyam, writing...

If I think about it, it's like the rest of my life are just periods of time when am "normal", waiting to ride the next high of whatever it is that consumes my fancy, time, mental energy. Ok so, that's a whole lot of crazy in one post. To cut short a long sleep-deprived introspection, I was wondering if this is the same with everyone else, if each life is just a string of passions and obsessions tied together with moments of sanity?

Maybe I just need more sleep!


SK said...

Oh boy,
looks like I have found my long lost twin. I am just like what you have said. I wish I were more stable and take on things slowly which would last long.
I should say K is quite blunt in realizing it. My DH says I am very passionate and I am very honest and open, and see things as they are and am open minded :--P

RS said...

:) Good to know!

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