March 14, 2008

About being grownup and some random questions.

Since it's Friday, am allowed to post random thoughts in this space and have the audacity to call it a post.
  • My first random thought is about growing up. Is there a cut-off age when we are supposed to consider ourselves all grown up? The reason I ask is, I certainly don't feel grown up. An uncle I know, who is 42, seemed offended when one of my friends called him "Uncle", my friend is 24 years old. A couple of 50-something-maamis in Lexington did not approve of "aunty". So, really besides the 60-something people (what are they called?), septuagenarians and octogenarians does anyone really want to be considered a grown-up? The other day, I went to a puja at a maami's place. After the puja, I talked a bit to the teenagers there (because some of them were dancing with me for a cultural show - remember I told you, Lex desis are getting all spruced up for Dr.Kalam's visit?), and then I talked to an American Indian 20-something girl and then turned to all the 40 something maamis with the intent of making similar excited conversation. I talked to the maami who invited me and then clung to her like a kid! I really did not know what to say to the other maamis! I actually felt a bit intimidated. The experience was all very strange. k told me that was all cool, "It just means you can totally relate to your kids, won't that be cool?" Hmm, yes. But when does a girl make a transition to maamihood? At 30? After a kid? Would be nice if all of us get one of those notices saying "You are all grown up now lady. So suck it up and act like an adult!"
  • Next random question - do you guys know how to make a blog "by invitation only" but at the same time allow people to request readership? I am getting bored of editing my short story blog everytime I submit a story to a magazine (it's that nice image on the right-hand side in case you haven't noticed - don't tell me that, I'll be heart-broken - just click it :-). I have to save the story as draft because I don't really know what the publishers mean when they say, "Can you confirm that your story is not published anywhere else?" Sometimes they specify "online". So anyway, I made my short-story blog "by invitation" only, but I fear my small subset of readers will quickly exit if I provide such major incentives to not read what I dish out. So...any suggestions? How can I restrict membership dynamically? Oh and please do let me know if you want me to add your email id to the reader list. Muchos gracias!
  • My third question - I want to self-publish a book about my "going green" obsessions. I am working on a website currently. But the thing is, if I publish through amazon, then I have to pay them 75% of the cost of the book, I can't even set the price of the book less than $8 or I make a loss! I checked out and a few others but I guess that's the price you pay to buy "presence"! Any smart ideas?
  • Almost forgot! Today is Karadayan Nombu. Going to try sweet adai and delight the better half (So annoying when he doesn't get delighted enough :p). Wish me luck!
Ok, that's that for now. Me off to lunch soon. Tada.


Parth said...

Sel-publishing a book? Fantastic. Let me know how that goes. Perhaps that might prompt me to follow suit :-) Of course, the question is of quality of the work, but I can't change that overnight, can I? Perhaps you become an adult when you self-publish a book? :-)

Musically Me said...


I follow your short stories regularly. Can you send me an invitation (if you dont mind, that is) to


Vee said...


Good you have finally thought about publishing a collection of short stories. Looking forward to them. Good luck girl.

But at the same time will be ruing the fact we will not be able to get a glance of the story spinning abilities anymore unless we are invited.


RS said...

parth - :) Still working on that book, right now it reads like a boring non-fiction book would...I am reading up on "creative non fiction" to see if I can do something to make it...not so drab!

musically me - Hi, I have added you, thanks!

vee - hey, haven't really got a publishing offer for an anthology as such - mainly small publishing offers in small-time magazines :( So, please do give me your email so I can add you to my short story blog. Not sure how to do this except by asking people for email ids...

Vee said...


Thanks, my mail id is, if you are ready with a draft, being in New York it is easier to get in touch with small publishers who may be willing.


Viswa said...

Could you add my email - to ur new "restricted" list? Its quite unfortuante that you are requred to do this. But I still like reading most of your stories and ready to jump through a simple hoop :)

IBH said...

how about me??memememe! :)

RS said...

vee - Hmm, I live in KY and I believe there is not much publishing scope for an anthology...people want novel drafts not short story collections...

viswa - done and thanks!

ibh - all done ma'am :)

Anonymous said...

Hi RS,

Please add me to your registered user list for short stories if you don't mind....I love reading them...


Anonymous said...


prabukarthik said...

Me joining the club.
prabukarthik at yahoo dot com

Cool ideas? Not sure if they are cool or crap, but let me try..

a) Make a PDF version OF THE BOOK and make it avlble in your website. Make a cool logo which can be inserted by friends in their websites/blogs. Clicking on that logo should take the readers to your site.

Request fellow bloggers and friends to write reviews about your book in their blog...

If the book is good enough, word of mouth will take it to great heights.

Read some stuff on Viral marketing and learn how to use it to your advantage.

All the best!!!

Meera said...

Hey RS

I recently bumped into your blog and am a bitsian too so felt natural to read thro the random tit-bits. I loved your short stories(am from chennai, which clicked well enough). Add me to your reader's list -

Good luck with the self publishing :)

RT said...

hey...good luck with self publishing.
do add to the list.

btw, u dont become a maami when u hv a kid:), i can say that now

RS said...

padma - done

p~k - I think you would need your gmail id to log in :(

meera - thanks! Which year? I belong to the 96-00 batch.

rt - glad! And you should have access now :)

Meera said...

am in the 99-03 batch but i dont think we ever met or maybe we did. :)

prabukarthik said...

sorry :)

prabukarthik said...

try writing a manifesto for

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