February 27, 2008

Going, going, gone!

Claiming that I suffer from a writer's block somehow makes me feel vain, like I am a writer or something. So I shall say that I have been hiding behind this beginner's mini-block-series, sort of a poor man's writer's block like so,
...hoping that the inspiration for my next story is just around the corner. Anyway, I got some time to myself after several months, so I devoured a bunch of desi chick lits and then managed to cough up a story. At least the mini-blocks are gone for now. Whew!

Here goes, enjoy the masala!


Anonymous said...

hi; fit to be a novel & not a story. Normally, i dont have the patience to read lengthy stories, but this one was so different that i finished it at one shot!!!. The gypsy woman (& her curses) seemed to be a real life character!!!. On the whole, an enchanting story:).

SK said...

Good one!
Good to know writer's block went kaput. Hope to read more of your posts, more regularly. :--)

RS said...

Thanks J!

sk - :)

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