January 31, 2008

The ipod story.

I am now in possession of a brand new enough-to-sleep-in memory-equipped ipod. And how it came about in my hands is an interesting story. Like everything else related to India, this ipod by virtue of staying in India assumed the Indian character-trait of making every process a bit more colorful and interesting than it originally was designed to be!

My sweet uncle bought a bunch of these ipods as gifts to take to India to distribute to my cousins and relatives. He had one extra and thought it might be a nice gift for my bro, ~L. L, being his lazy, wd-rather-not-move-an-inch self, politely refused. I had given him a neat ipod shuffle ages ago and he is very very particular about the songs he listens to, so much so that he adds the same song multiple times in his shuffle so it plays more. My uncle insisted and finally ~L said yes and this is where the journey begins.

From California, US -> Chennai

My uncle left the ipod with my mom and dad and asked ~L to pick it up when he visits them in Chennai. ~L lives in Bombay.

From Chennai -> Bombay

~L miraculously remembered to pick up the ipod the next time he visited Chennai.

From Bombay1 -> Bombay2

Enter RS. So, a few weeks back mom mentioned that the ipod was lying unopened with ~L. "What?!" exclaimed k! "160GB ipod and lying unopened?!". Self joined in exclamations.

Mom said without much excitement, "Yes, just like the perfume boxes you gave me, they lie neatly in the bureau, I haven't even opened the box", such pride in her last statement. Jeez! Coming back to the ipod, we immediately called ~L.

"Yeah, it's there. Haven't opened it."

Repeat exclamations by k and me. I think I heard ~L yawn, "Too boring to transfer all my songs to the new ipod."

"I need it. I need it."

"Yawn. Ok."

So, now the next question was, how should he send it. ~L wouldn't dream of actually posting the thing to us. Too much work! Enter ~P, k's sis. Fortunately, she was in Bombay at that time for her vacation, planning to return back early January.

"Send it through ~P."

"Ok. Gotta go."

He agreed. A miracle.

Several weeks later, having missed ~P several times, ~L decided to make his job easier. He dropped the ipod with k's uncle who lives close to his workplace in Nariman point.

A day before she left, ~P picked the ipod from her uncle's place. Whew!

Bombay -> Lawrence, Kansas

~P reached Lawrence and was duly troubled by k and me to send the ipod asap! We can't wait a second longer!

Lawrence -> Lexington

And now, it lies happily in our home. Unused, but at least with us. Such bliss.


Jaya said...

Only after reading ur post, i realized the marathon travel the i-pod had undergone. Good, it finally reached u, btw, have YOU opened the i-pod box?!
Good post.

BUS said...

i think a Zune would have made the travel worth it :-)) ...ipod..hmmm...not sure :-)

IBH said...

he RS eppadi irukai ? blogger is blocked in my da** office :) so ennala padikave mudiyaradhu illa...(u see time is only in office to read blogs..ahem!)

as bus says Zune na ok..ipod ivlo travel panni iruke...:)

RS said...

jaya - Yes, I did. Yet to use it though :)

bus - Hmm, free maal, so chalega :)

ibh - doing good, how are you and Kaju doing? So, you can't read technical blogs too? That sucks...

IBH said...

it is horrible....sites which goes like 'music',blog,blogger.....some 123 and stupid filtering they have at office now....i have now found a proxy thru which i can now browse :) but still streaming video adhu ellam blocked...dan the office :)wordpressume only few sites are life is messed up with all these corporates are much better there u can even watch ellam blocked :(((

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