November 15, 2007

The I-dont-know-why...look

Having your in-laws stay with you and working at the same office makes for some interesting situations. So, for the past few days, k has been working pretty late into the night. Every evening k's mom makes hot tea for all of us and "bete ka raah dekhkhe" she waits for us to return back home. And she is pretty disappointed that her poor lil' son does not get to drink his evening tea. I understand now where k gets his "I-prefer-to-be-served-while-staring-at-favorite-spot-from-couch" attitude.

Anyway, in the afternoons she has super-thin rotis, daal and subji waiting for us. Past few days I have been driving home alone for lunch (There is no way I am going to eye a subway when I have this kind of food waiting at home :p). And today too, I drove back alone and after lunch, we packed a hearty meal for k.

After I reached work, k's dad called up to remind me about their India ticket booking. And then he asked, "Did Kamal have his lunch?"

I walked over to k's cube and saw that he was with his manager, no doubt discussing the numerous bugs in k's code (To be fair, he is a much better programmer than I am but for the purposes of this narration, it's more fun to assume otherwise :p).

So anyway, I change my mind and am about to walk away when the evil-me in my head (rubbing hands in glee) tells me to go ahead anyway and interrupt their discussion. So, I walk over and k acts all I-don't-know-why-my-wife-interrupts-me-when-am-busy-at-work and ignores me. So, I clear my throat and go, "Hey Kamal"

His manager stops talking and they both stare at me. I get the feeling k is getting ready to throw his "Do-I-know-you?" look, call it intuition but am pretty sure I got that right, considering that I have now been exposed to almost all of his "looks", you know the ones that go all hyphenated...So, k and his manager both give me the "Duh, don't you see this video bug is far more crucial in the grand scope of things?!" look.

And then I say,

"Your dad called me to remind you to have your lunch."

And I look pointedly for a second at k's perfectly packed lunch bag and then walk back with a flourish to my cube, but not before I catch his manager grinning at k and k's face just beginning to turn all flushed and sheepish (surely in the realization that he should perhaps not ignore his wife the next time she interrupts him. Especially not with a "I-don't-know-why...etc" look :)

What fun. Work rocks, sometimes.


GG said...


SK said...

Oh my gosh! That sure was funny!!! :--))

IBH said...

ada paavi idhu seriye illa :) wait till he gives it back to you once...see there is always such possibilities when you both work at the same office...u see experience speaks :)

Parth said...

Doting parents are a boon in the US, aren't they? Last year, I had the pleasure of having the in-laws and the out-laws (a.k.a. my parents) total out a period of five months between them. When food waits for you back home, it makes the anticipation so much more fun :)

RTD2 said...

Oh man! Poor K! Btw, don't take such risks, what if m-i-l found out you embarassed her laadla beta? There's an end to those super-thin rotis!
But then again, you go girl!!

RS said...

gg, sk - :)

ibh - ooops, now that I think of it...:)

parth - Sure are. Having them together at home is fun...would be pretty miserable to come home to a lonely house in January weather :(

rtd2 - lol

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