November 11, 2006

Dog Dilemmas!

"You will keep it tied when you go to work, isn't that a sin? How would you like to be constrained like that?

"Who will take care of it when you go on vacations?"

"Have you thought about how much maintenance goes into handling a pet?"

"You have to feed it Non-Veg!"

"How will you handle it when it passes away? You will have a void in your life..."

"Three walks a day plus you have to clean up after it!"

Jeez! What does a (wo)man have to do to get a pet?!

(Yes, I could just visit the Animal Shelter, get one and then let all hell break lose...sometimes I think I should do just that and see what happens! No thanks to my husband who got his parents and mine to support him on this issue! You would think your own parents would support you...


A. Noname Moose said...

1. You have a backyard.
2. An understanding friend. (/me volunteers)
3. As much maitenance as you'll get satisfaction back.
5. You'll handle it like any other passing of someone/something you love. Everything passes - you learn to deal with it.
6. Exercise is good for you.

/me ducks daggers shooting out of k's eyes. :P

Saranya Kishore said...

>>Jeez! What does a (wo)man have to do to get a pet?!

Just go get it if you want it so much! Turn a deaf ear to them ;--))

Cats/kittens are much lesser maintenance, if you like them. They take care of themselves, they can be house cats.

Anonymous said...

i think u shd get one...u can always find another home for it in case things dont work out...u'v approached a skewed sample for advice -> non-dog-owners...
- L

Viji said...

Suggestions (in that order):
Lock the gate and let it loose.

Don't go on vacations or become best friends with the neighbors. :P

maintenance? Its unadulterated fun and entertainment. :))

Give it pedigree or something. Use gloves. :-)

Well, everybody has to die some day! ;-)

Good exercise!!

RS, Just show him one! One look at a pair of soulful eyes [should I say two pairs, including yours? ;-)] and he'll relent. :-D

Sriram C S said...

Just to add to al the suggestions, have you thought of actually getting a boisterous German Shepherd pup home? If that doesn't convince people, nothing will!! A black German Shepherd with patches of brown near the nose and ears that will jump at everything around (no not the patches, I meant the dog).

RS said...

Yay! Finally some nice people who don't think am crazy :) Thank you!

I even suggested to k that he present me with a surprise birthday gift (a puppy, of course) and he couldn't take a hint as direct as that! hmph!

Since I have but one life and I always, always wanted to have a dog, I have decided that I will adopt a dog, if not now, sometime, but in this lifetime! :)

RT said...

i will go with K...Having pets involves effort and time...if you are confident you can manage all the items in your list, you can very well go ahead :-) i cant for sure...

Zeppelin said...

hmmmppphh..where do i bro has two..and they had a baby girl recently..ever since he brought them over to Canada with him, he has rarely stepped out of the house.. in fact sometimes he comes back home during lunch worrying about them, to check on them..:)

his strong advise for me when i made whining sounds - NO dogs ever, unless my imaginary wife ends up falling in love with it and we share the responsibility of taking care of the dog and our yet to be born kids.. :)

but my two cents - PLEASE set an example for me..:) and one thing i did not notice (or might have missed,cos I am slightly sleepy :D), training.. your dog does not have to appear at shows but training is kinda important to an extent..

Best Wishes !! I will get you a dog-chow gift card next time i see you.. ;) :P

Gayatri said...

Ramya...I am totally for you. I shall write a post for your benefit :)
It was long cousin has a dog and it will be about him!
Also...tell your husband he knows nothing about them :p so he can't say anything conclusive!!

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